What are p-dopants?

OLED displays for smartphones, OLEDs for lighting purposes and organic solar cells contain p-dopants that significantly increase their performance.

These devices consist of many organic layers, each with its own function. When co-deposited with a hole transport material, p-dopants significantly increase the conductivity of the hole transport layer and the injection of holes (defect electrons) from the electrode. This results in lower driving voltage. OLEDs with optimized stack architecture furthermore have the advantage of higher efficiency and longer lifetime. For more information on OLEDs, organic solar cells, and other applications of p-type dopants, click here.

Benefits of using p-dopants in OLEDs

Benefits of using p-dopants in organic solar cells

Lower driving voltage

Higher open-circuit voltage

Higher power efficiency

Higher power conversion efficiency

Longer lifetime

Longer lifetime

More freedom in stack design

More freedom in stack design

CREDOXYS p-dopants

CREDOXYS has developed new proprietary material classes of p-dopants with superior performance. CREDOXYS p-dopants are tailor-made for individual applications. Our modular approach allows us to tailor the acceptor strength to processing properties such as the evaporation temperature or the solubility of the dopant molecules. In this way, we can produce p-dopants that meet the specific requirements of our customers in the fields of OLED display, OLED lighting, OPV and organic sensors.

We offer strong p-dopants that effectively increase the conductivity of even deep-HOMO hole transport materials (HTM). This facilitates the use of wide bandgap materials and new emitter technologies in OLEDs. In OPV, deep-HOMO HTMs are needed to further increase the open circuit voltage.

All of our p-type dopants have the great advantage of having virtually no parasitic absorption. This means that more light exits the OLED and more current is generated in organic solar cells.

Customizable technology

… to meet your requirements for acceptor strength and processing properties.

Strong p-dopants available

… to dope even deep-HOMO materials.

Practically no parasitic absorption

…for higher efficiency.

High thermal stability

… for robust processing.

Non-toxic components

… for easy handling.

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