What are p-dopants?

The OLED display of your smartphone, the newest OLED TV, and organic solar foils that you will soon see on roofs and facades: all contain tiny amounts of p-dopants to boost their performance.

These devices consist of many organic layers, each of them with its own function. When co-deposited with the right semiconducting material, p-dopants significantly increase the electrical current through the otherwise only weakly conductive layers. This results in lower driving voltage and a reduction of power consumption. With the help of p-dopants, OLEDs and organic solar cells can be optimized for higher efficiency and longer lifetime. For more information on applications of p-type dopants, click here.

Benefits of using p-dopants in OLED and OPV

Higher power efficiency

Longer lifetime

More freedom in stack design

CREDOXYS p-dopants

CREDOXYS has developed new proprietary material classes of p-dopants with superior performance. CREDOXYS p-dopants are strong, transparent, and tunable.

We offer p-dopants with exceptional doping strength that give our customers the freedom to create completely new OLED designs. Our dopants can be used with deep-HOMO hole transport materials (HTMs) that will play an important role in the next OLED generation including phosphorescent blue emitters. In OPV, deep-HOMO HTMs help to further increase the power efficiency.

All of our p-dopants have the great advantage of being transparent to visible light. This means that more light exits the OLED and more current is generated in organic solar cells.

Our modular approach enables us to tailor the doping strength and processing properties of our materials to the specific requirements of our customers in the fields of OLED display, OLED lighting, OPV and organic sensors.

The high performance of our p-dopants in OLED has been confirmed by independent third parties. Our first product candidates are ready for scale-up and their suitability for mass production has been shown in thermostability tests.




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