At CREDOXYS, our research and development efforts go beyond p-dopants. We strive to understand the evolving needs of our customers for new functional materials, both within the field of organic electronics and beyond.

Our core expertise lies in redox-active materials. Given the pivotal role of redox processes in virtually all energy conversion technologies, we leverage our knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions for various applications, spanning from lighting, photovoltaics, and sensing to energy storage.

We are currently engaged in several projects encompassing a wide range of redox-active materials such as non-fullerene acceptors, transport materials, and n-dopants. By exploring new structural concepts and challenging conventional approaches, we aim to unlock enhanced performance and functionality in organic electronic devices.

In the future, we also want to contribute to the advancement of redox flow battery technology. Recognizing the significance of new energy storage solutions for a sustainable energy system, we see the need and potential to push the boundaries of organic batteries based on lithium-free, unlimited materials through our innovative material development approach.

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