Film crew meets CREDOXYS team for image film

As part of the nomination for the Saxon State Award, we were granted the incredible opportunity to produce an image film that would showcase our team and cutting-edge technology to both the esteemed jury and the public. We eagerly embraced this chance to highlight our achievements and share our vision with a wider audience.

Recently, the film crew visited our premises, and the entire Credoxys team eagerly participated in the recording of the film. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as we showcased our innovative products and demonstrated the passion that drives us forward.

Yesterday, we took the next step in the nomination procedure. Our Managing Director Dr. Sascha Dorok and our Head of Physics Dr. Julia Stolz had the honor of participating in a studio interview. This interview served as an opportunity to delve deeper into the vision behind our technology, the impact it has on industries, and the future prospects we envision.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. In particular, we would like to thank and futureSAX. Please keep your fingers crossed for the highly anticipated award ceremony.

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